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"Just To Make Others Jealous" Lady Shows She Has Perfect Behind In A Short Video

      "Just To Make Others Jealous" Lady Shows She Has Perfect Behind In A Short Video      Well, having a big bãckside is an advantage for most ladies on social media. Like it or not, many guys love to see a lady with an incredible figure     However, today you are going to watch another lady with an exciting backside. I'm sure you are going to love this woman after watching her video   For me, I'm certain this lady behind can captive any man out there who love big azz   Watch the video below   

Last Day To Register To Vote


Today is the last day for South African citizens who have not yet registered to vote on the 29th of May or still need to update their address details to do so.

The Provincial Electoral Officer of the IEC in Limpopo, Nkaro Mateta says this is because today is the anticipated day of proclamation of the election date by President Cyril Ramaphosa and Limpopo Premier Stan Mathabatha.

Speaking on Capricorn FM Talk last night, Mateta said the IEC would then publish the election timetable on Monday next week with all other election logistics such as the inspection of the voter’s roll.

Mateta says among others on the election calendar, would be a period which people can notify the IEC’s Chief Electoral Officer if they would be out of their province on election day, and further indicate a specific voting station where they would be voting.

She has emphasised that such voters, would unfortunately only be able to vote on the “national compensatory ballot” for national elections, and not for their province.

Mateta has also indicated a process to be followed by a voter who would be in their home province, on election day, however at a different district, saying those also need to notify the IEC CEO.


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